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DEAR EDITOR: Response to Robert P. Rogers Jr. letter to the editor 2/17/05.

Robert P. Rogers, Jr. obviously isn’t interested in facts, or truth or how to research or how to learn, let alone how to critically think about knowledge he thinks he has. If he had true intellectual curiosity, instead of just chanting a mantra given to him by other haters of American Liberty and Intellect, like Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson, he’d investigate what he says before he says it. While most of his blather is easily refutable, I will only address the one thing he wrote that cannot at all under any circumstance be argued even with the twisting of words or lies his handlers trained him to issue.

The line he wrote:

“This is another of many examples where an atheist group has gone to the ACLU with the imaginary complaint that a statement or symbol violates the first amendment.”

is typical of the fabrications generated by the hatred felt by America’s theocrats and not by people of true moral value. I have to ask the faith filled Rogers, what ever happened to “thou shalt not bear false witness?”

I am not a ware of any one of the plaintiffs being atheist. If they were, that would be their business and not his and should not matter anyway. Trying to turn the word atheist into a disparaging word to discredit the plaintiffs is not very Christian or tolerant. As United States Citizens, they should be afforded all the rights of all Citizens. Faith or disbelief is personal and between an individual and the Universe. It is not Rogers’ right to falsely demean anyone. If he was really sincere and true to his own alleged faith he’d know that his getting into Heaven isn’t reliant upon how the rest of us get there, and so he should stop his attacks on a group of Americans probably having more morals then him. However, American haters, like Rogers, aren’t interested in freedom, they only believe in political control through theocracy.

Of all the original plaintiffs, at least one is Christian, one is a member of the United Universalist Church, and two, including myself are Jewish. So the above quote, like everything else Rogers wrote is unsubstantiated and just made up.

This falsehood is the same as the lies perpetuated about evolution. Rogers knows nothing and doesn’t want to know anything about science or anything else. He refuses to use the brains God let evolve in his head. By camouflaging his alleged faith as science, he denies his own beliefs. He is a participant in an agenda that wants to theocratize America, an America that was founded as a hope against theocracy. It is time for real Americans to stand up to these thugs and stop sleepwalking through our democracy. Wake up the alarm is ringing. It’s time to go to work.


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