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The evolution stickers are coming out of the high school science textbooks at a cost to the taxpayers of Cobb County of approximately $25,000. With all the recent turmoil about the computers and low grades, this money could have been used for a much better purpose than to remove a small, harmless sticker. The $25,000 would not buy a new school bus, but it could have been used to make a down payment on one, or perform needed maintenance work and upgrades on some of the other buses to make them safe. But no, evolution sticker case plaintiff Jeffrey Selman and his attorney, Michael Manely, do not want the money used for safety purposes and newer equipment. They have succeeded in having this money used for the useless, ridiculous purpose of removing these insignificant stickers.

What is even more ridiculous, but not surprising, is that they are proud of their accomplishment. To quote Mr. Manely, "The disaster wrought upon the school children and the taxpayers of Cobb County by this school board is coming to a close," and to quote Mr. Selman, "I have just begun to help my country come back to its senses."

Oh, boy. We certainly do not need enemies when we have misguided people like these two to destroy our country from within. The only "disaster," to use Mr. Manely's description, that I can see is that they have succeeded in turning people away from God.

It plainly says in the first chapter of Genesis that "God created man in His own image." Do Mr. Selman and Mr. Manely know something that the holy men of God, the ones who wrote the Bible, did not know? Even though they wrote as they were directed by God, do Mr. Manely and Mr. Selman have another source of information?

I started to say that I would like to know that source, but now, after thinking about it, I don't want to have anything to do with that source. Mr. Selman wrote in a letter to the editor that he could understand why I am perplexed and puzzled at some of the things he said. This is not true any longer. I am no longer surprised at anything a person who believes his ancestors were monkeys would do or say.

And using $25,000 of taxpayer money to remove these stickers instead of using the money to further the education and safety of our future leaders ranks at the very top of my "not surprised" list.

Robert P. Rogers, Jr.


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