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As usual, in his recent letter of June 6 th, Robert P. Rogers, Jr. calculatingly ignores his own compliance and relationship to problems in our country. He would rather maliciously, and falsely point fingers at others for the sins he and those akin to him broadcast. And so I feel justified in saying, “How dare Robert P. Rogers, Jr. make such a deceitful and evil accusation as calling Michael Manely and me internal enemies of our beloved United States !

He obviously has no shame for his calculated fabrications as evidenced by his willingness to for go a main tenet of his supposed faith, that of “bearing false witness.” It is the same tactic that the theocrats used against Senator Max Cleland, and John McCain, both patriots beyond compare who sacrificed so much more than those who attacked them ever would have the courage to give for Liberty.

The enemy to our homeland is theocracy, both Bin Laden’s external and Rogers ’ internal brands.

Michael and I are extremely patriotic as evidenced by our standing up against this enemy with our unyielding support for all citizens’ right to “freely” believe what they wish in a free America . We do not stand in Rogers ’ way to practice whatever it is he wishes. We just stand up when it is out of context and forced on the general citizenry.

Out of context is the key. Evolution is factual as proven through empirical evidence that has been put through the rigors of the scientific method. Faith is a factual feeling based upon what’s in one’s heart and what comforts one in the turmoil of the universe. They are different, valid and not in the same context.

Context is the key. In Rogers ’ out of context attacks, he says that the disclaimers are insignificant and harmless. He feels that their removal is wasting much needed money. He says there is nothing religious about them and that Michael and I are just contributing to the removal of God from the nation.

In context, if the disclaimers are insignificant, where was Rogers when the school board was wasting money having them inserted into the textbooks in the first place.

In context, if, as he writes, the disclaimers are not religious, how is their removal contributing to the elimination of God from America ?

In context, the disclaimers are religious, and they do undermine science education. A science education, which in the past, has kept the United States advancing in living standard and freedom.

In context, the disclaimers are religious, and their removal protects the different views of the heavens that all people have, and does not undermine anyone’s right to individual belief.

In context, Rogers not wanting to have anything to do with someone “who believes his ancestors were monkeys” shows he knows nothing about evolution and is unwilling to learn. He would rather blindly and indolently accept the ignorance which is calculatedly spread around. He misuses Bible quotes and asks where my authority comes from that makes me think I know better than the divinely inspired. In context I say, I live my life doing good deeds and offering no abuse to all creatures as directed by the parables written in the Torah and as exampled by passages such as Genesis 1:29.

In context, where was Roger’s when the school board was wasting money on a consultant who came up with a plan even Rogers could of put together for $35 an hour not $90,000 (which in context could fix a lot of school busses and maybe have prevented the demise of advanced math and language class for elementary students).

The truth is Rogers ’s context is in the world of anti-freedom, anti-belief, anti-knowledge and anti-Americanism. He yearns to be in the arms of America ’s theocratic enemies, like Falwell, and Robertson, that control adherents akin to themselves by changing the definitions and appearance of reality so that they can undermine the freedoms of the rest of us.

For what purpose do they do this? Obviously the reality of their getting into heaven isn’t dependent upon the rest of us free Americans going with them in the way that they insist. So their purpose must have another self-serving and political reason.

That reason is power. They want it, and so they hold out the false promise of an America that will be a better place without those real patriots who they continuously and falsely attack.

The reality is though that the loss of our right to think freely, brought about by the repressions of theocracy, will destroy all the promise that is the United States .

And so I say to my true fellow Americans, listen to the babble of the theocrats and keep it in context.

Jeffrey Selman


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